Quartz Acrylic

Technical Information and Care Instructions

I use Kodak Endura photographic paper, it is a metallised, silver based professional paper. It creates a more 3D effect than other papers and the image will look different from various directions. It has state-of-the-art image keeping quality (100 years before fading in a typical home display).

The print is encapsulated in acrylic, which is specially heat treated to create a very high level of optical clarity. The acrylic is very stable and inert. The print is bonded to a 10mm deep acrylic panel at the back and a 3mm deep panel at the front, using a very high tech thin film adhesive

The edges of the acrylic are polished using diamond burrs and the front and back panels are buffed to create a perfect finish.

Quartz Acrylic products are heavy. They are hung from acrylic blocks or a baton system (for images over 30x20 inches). The block or baton is bonded to the back panel using ‘Extra Fix’ adhesive. This dissolves part of the acrylic on the panel and the block and when it dries there is one complete block of acrylic.

Care Instructions

I recommend you handle your Quartz Acrylic with gloves . Dust and clean using a good quality microfibre or soft cotton cloth. I use a lens cloth from an optician or a photography shop. Use the lens cloth to remove any greasy marks, such as finger prints. Marks can also be removed using a cloth dampened with water. Avoid rubbing too hard as this may cause scratching.

Avoid using any cleaning products containing alcohol. Alcohol can crack the acrylic. I don’t use any cleaning products on the acrylic.

Check the condition of the hanging blocks, batons and wall fixings periodically.

Please avoid large variations in temperature or humidity. Avoid displaying in prolonged direct sunlight, over radiators and other heating appliances.

If the acrylic does get scratched it can be returned to the lab to be repolished.